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    Molybdenum by Jurii


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You might not have heard much about molybdenum, but it’s more important to you than you might think!

All animals and plants need a bit of molybdenum to survive. It’s part of many different enzymes, which help along the chemical reactions that need to happen in our cells for us to survive.

If you want to top up your molybdenum levels, good sources are beans, nuts and liver. Don’t worry though: humans only need very small amounts of molybdenum, so it is very, very rare for a person to be lacking in it. Too much molybdenum can be poisonous but you’d need to eat loads of it for it to be harmful, and it is present in very small quantities in food.

Pure molybdenum is quite a hard, silvery grey metal. To melt molybdenum, you would have to heat it up to a sweltering 2623˚C!

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