• Question: Do you watch Futurama? If so, who's your favourite character and why?

    Asked by konekoraian to Andrew, Ash, Gem, Paige, SJ on 4 Jul 2012.
    • Photo: SarahJayne Boulton

      SarahJayne Boulton answered on 4 Jul 2012:

      I Really like futurama. My favourite episode is the one with the 7-leaved shamrock, where you find out about Fry’s brother…I think I actually cried.

      I think I like Bender the best – he’s so naughty. He’s totally be the best to hang out with.

    • Photo: Ashley Cadby

      Ashley Cadby answered on 4 Jul 2012:

      Yes, I love it. I think bender is bar far the best character.

    • Photo: Paige Brown

      Paige Brown answered on 4 Jul 2012:

      I like the robot!!!!!!

    • Photo: Gemma Staite

      Gemma Staite answered on 4 Jul 2012:

      I don’t. I’ve never got in to it